Paint Your Privacy Fence

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Paint Your Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is a good method of separating your home and yard from the rest of the surrounding area. It is a way to make your home more private and suitable for children and pets to play outside without being in danger of the nearby street or strangers. Instead of having an old and boring privacy fence, you can turn it into something beautiful and creative by having it painted. Pick your design, choose your color, and contact Michael Hines Painting to get your fence painted today.

Before We Paint

Painting your privacy fence is an ideal option if you want your fence to stand apart from the other fences in your neighborhood. With painting, you are able to be creative and show your personality through your fence’s design. However, there are a few things you should consider doing when you decide to get your fence painted. You should:

  • Make sure that your lawn is mowed.
  • Make sure all bushes and trees are trimmed at least 2 feet away from the fence.
  • Make sure that the fence is clean and free of debris.
  • Leave the rest to us!

Other Exterior Painting Services

Michael Hines Painting offers exterior painting services for your home that are top quality and promised to exceed your expectations. Our painting services include all aspects of the home’s exterior. Some of our stand alone services include- Deck refinishing, front door painting, trim painting, gutter painting, house washing, roof cleaning, and shutter painting.

We are very aware that every home is different and will require different methods of painting that may include different types of paint and other painting materials. Our painting services include a free consultation and an obligation-free quote based on what we learn during our onsite consultation. We enjoy our profession and we promise that you will enjoy the finished project.

Fence Staining and Painting in Amador County

Why Privacy Fence Painting?

The privacy fence displays a large surface area around your property. It should reflect your lifestyle and unique tastes. We ensure that your privacy fence will perfectly frame your lawn, offer a lovely backdrop for your landscaping, and complement your home as well. Whether you choose a stain that shows the wood grain or paint that covers each individual board, we’re ready and available to help.

We’re committed to excellence and can provide references and testimonials from other satisfied homeowners at your request. We’re always thoughtful in the way we handle your property because we’re homeowners as well and we understand what it means to own your home and take pride in it.

Contact us

Give us a call any time at 209.256.4587 to discuss your privacy fence or any other exterior painting projects you have in mind. We generally return all missed calls within two hours as long as we’re in an area with good cell service. 
Or you can contact us at Galt House Painter. Our painting company at Galt, CA. Providing everyone with high-quality painting with the best finishes.


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