Interior Painting - Jay & Patty

“Everything was done to perfection, and we would love to recommend him!”

Exterior Painting - Tim & Jodie

“I highly recommend them, and to be honest with you, they’re gonna do our next house”

Deck Staining - Rich

“Terrific job, great color, very professional. I would hire them again in a second.”

Interior Painting - Mary Ann

“After he finished working, I’d come home and … you couldn’t even tell there was a painter in the house”

Interior Painting - Sylvia & Dave

On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to refer us? “Probably about a 15!”  

Interior Painting - Judy

“We were gone for two weeks; We came home, the house was finished, and it’s just beautiful.

Exterior Painting - Terry & Sandy

“I really appreciate their effort and their quality.”

Exterior Painting - Dyann

“The quality of the finished product was excellent. It was on time, and on budget…”

Exterior Staining - Tom

“They did a fantastic job… I highly recommend them.”

Interior Painting - Bob & Debbie

“You were here on time, you did everything you said you would do. We’re very happy.”

Painting - Harry

“He does quality work, he goes above and beyond the call of duty and I’m very pleased with the product…”

Exterior Painting - David

“It is just a wonderful job, exactly what we had in mind, and I’m very happy to tell other people that Michael Hines does a great job.”

Exterior Painting - Rich

“They did a very nice job and I’m very happy with it.”

Painting - Brian

“We’ve been very satisfied with everything he’s done and we would certainly hire him again.”

Have you ever said anything this nice about a contractor?

We realize that things don’t always go perfect, and that projects can become stressful. But we will always do our best to provide an experience that makes you want to say things like this about us!