Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Paint Sheen

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Paint Sheen

what paint sheen should I use When the topic of choosing paint comes up, most people think of color and not a whole lot else. In addition to finding the perfect color, though, you also need to choose a finish for your paint. The finish of paint will affect the way your room looks, and the overall feel of your home as well. Understanding finishes is the first step to choosing the perfect paint for your project.

  • Flat finish paint 

    the most dull finish; it has no sheen at all so it doesn’t reflect light sources. It is best for lower traffic areas like garages, workshops, and closets because it is the easiest to get dirty and the hardest to clean. Trying to clean scuffs, marks, and stains off of a flat finish paint rarely works so it is usually easier to apply a new coat of paint. This paint absorbs light rather than reflecting, so if you’re painting an area with a lot of flaws, it can help to hide them.

  • Low-Sheen finish paint 

    more durable than flat paint, and is often used in areas like dining rooms and living rooms. With a slight sheen, it is easier to clean than flat finish paint, but like a flat finish it is good for covering small imperfections on walls. Eggshell finish paints work best in gathering spaces that don’t get a lot of direct bumps and scuffs.

  • Eggshell finish

    a higher durability, lustrous paint, with a satiny finish. Often described as a velvety texture, it is popular for playrooms, children’s rooms, family rooms and foyers. It is relatively easy to clean dirt and marks off of it, but it has a tendency to highlight imperfections in the texture or the paint application.

  • Semi-gloss finish paints

    very durable and handle bumping and scuffing with great ease. If you’re painting a room that has special challenges like grease, moisture, or condensation, a semi-gloss paint works really well. It is great for doors, trims, and window frames and most dirt, fingerprints, and small marks wash off pretty easily.

  • High-gloss finish paints

    very shiny and reflect light from all sources. High gloss is the most durable and the easiest to clean. But because of the drastic sheen it is usually too shiny for an entire room and should be reserved for accent walls or furniture. For these types of finish paints to look good you need a virtually flawless surface along with perfect application. Because of this even the smallest amount of damage can sometimes only be fixed by repainting the entire area.

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