How To Paint Like Dr. House

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How To Paint Like Dr. House

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. House paints?! No. I mean maybe at some point he has? Or, maybe he painted his way through medical school; who knows. It was really just a catchy title to suck you in. Because I know you love House.

But, just for fun lets see what House would have been like if he was a Painting Contractor instead of an M.D.

Series Overview

Gregory House, P.C. (painting contractor) often viewed as a painting genius, leads a team of master craftsmen at the Princeton painting school in Amador County. Most episodes revolve around the preparation and painting of a primary residence and start with a scene taking place outside of that home. They usually only paint projects that have been improperly completed before; either from poor preparation or incorrect finish coats for the substrate and House consistently rejects paint jobs that he doesn’t find challenging or rewarding. The story lines tend to focus on his unconvential painting theories and systems, and on the other characters reactions to them, rather than on the details of the painting process.

Whew! Imagine the insight that show would provide into house painting. Too bad no one would watch it. (well, I might)

That’s why I’m starting this blog. So I can give you a little insight into my company, the strange things I sometimes encounter, and the painting details that are important enough to talk about.

Hopefully along the way I can give you some helpful tips for your own home. Or at the very least give you some ideas for when it’s time to update your paint job.

And every once in awhile, hopefully I will entertain you; like Dr. House has.

But don’t worry, I’m nicer than he is.

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How To Paint Like Dr. House