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House Washing in Woodbridge, CA 95258Hiring the right painting contractors in Woodbridge, CA can be a difficult task. When you live in such a small community there is a risk in hiring a large house painting company from the city. The only way to eliminate that risk is to hire painting contractors that live in a community similar to Woodbridge, CA.



Woodbridge House Painters

Michael Hines Painting understands the charm of living in a town like Woodbridge, CA. Our knowledgeable house painters understand the value in having neighbors that you can trust. And as a company from a small community we will work hard to make sure your painting project doesn’t upset your friends and neighbors.

We love painting all around the foothills and central valley, but there is something unique about the diversity of the buildings in the Woodbridge area. From the stucco Mondavi Winery to the brick buildings like the 1865 building that houses the Woodbridge Crossing there is charm and architecture that can only be found in a small community like Woodbridge.

Most of all, Woodbridge locals are really fun to work for. The town is rich with heritage, and we’ve found that people who’ve put the time, money, and TLC into building homes in and around Woodbridge, CA go out of their way to make sure the curb appeal of their home looks just right.

We consider house painting an art form – one that demands painstaking attention to detail. We like that the residents in this part of California always seem to feel the same way and bring out our “inner artist.”

To put it simply- We’d like to do even more house painting in and around Woodbridge, CA. If you are looking for a Painting Contractor that will treat your house painting with the respect and quality you deserve we would love to work with you.

Woodbridge CA Interior Painting

Discolored walls and ceilings in your kitchen are usually caused by moisture up draft from cooking. If you have started to notice this look in your kitchen, then all you need to do is call us right now. We can clean the surface layer, apply the correct primer and follow it up with 2 coats of top of the line interior paint. We also offer, and prefer to use, a full line of zero VOC paint for all interior painting projects.

When you call Michael Hines painting for your kitchen or interior painting needs you receive personal service with a focus on providing you excellent value in every aspect of your interior painting project. You will be able to pick out colors that will truly make a house into your home. We can advise you on paint colors or answer any other questions you have regarding our service or your interior painting. We value the people we work for and take extreme pride in every house that we paint. That is why we always provide a high level of service to you and your home.

Exterior Painting in Woodbridge CA

It can be hard to picture your Woodbridge home with a different color of exterior paint. Especially if it is a big change from what is on there right now. Changing the main color on your home’s exterior will usually mean changing the color on window trim, shutters and doors as well. You can decide on how many different accent colors your exterior can have by counting the number of different surfaces that will need painted. Including, but not limited to:

  1. Fascias & Gutters
  2. Window Trim
  3. Shutters
  4. Doors
  5. Gables with contrasting patterns

These are just some of the ways you can add extra color to the exterior of your Woodbridge, CA home.

Choosing trim colors that contrast and compliment the body (main) color of your house is the surest way to have the best curb appeal on your street. If you cannot decide how many colors you want you can always look at some of your neighbor’s homes. At a minimum you will usually want to paint your home’s exterior with one color for the body, a second color for the trim and a third color for the doors and shutters.

Some of the things you should consider when making your color choices are:

  • The materials used for your exterior siding
  • The architectural style of your house
  • The color of your roof
  • Any existing stone or masonry work

You should choose colors that blend in with the materials that are already on the exterior of your home. If you can see a big portion of the roof you want to be certain the color you choose does not clash with the color of your roof.  That way you have a matching color palette and the curb appeal of your Woodbridge, CA home is at its absolute best.

Pressure Washing In Woodbridge CA

Your exterior paint job is not the only part of your house that your neighbors see. Fences, roofs, walkways, driveways, patios and decks are contributing factors to the appearance of your Woodbridge home. Unfortunately these features become discolored by mold, mildew, dirt and environmental (smog) buildup as time passes. Not only does it leave parts of your home looking unattractive, but decks and walkways that have mildew on them can be extremely dangerous when they get wet.

Michael Hines Painting offers complete pressure washing services for your Woodbridge, CA home. We offer a low pressure option with environmentally friendly soaps that will remove unwanted grime and leave the outside of your home in pristine shape while being safe for your children, pets and plants. And where necessary we offer a standard high pressure option to remove stubborn dirt from cement and walkways.

Please call or text us today @ 209.256.4587.  To read a little about our company click here or to contact us through email click here

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