5 Year Non-Prorated House Painting Warranty!

And 1 Hour Of Free Touch-Up Every Year!

5 Year Warranty


We want to make sure that your house looks its very best and that is why we offer one of the strongest warranties in Northern California. We like to call it our “5 Year Worry Free Warranty”


Here’s what you get:

  • Every year we will send you an email to see if there is any touch up you would like us to do.
  • For interior projects we like to schedule the touch up in January & February.
  • With your permission, we will do an inspection of your homes exterior painting every year between January 1st and March 31st to look for any necessary warranty work. If there is touch up on the exterior paint will need to be available when we do the inpsection.
  • When your home calls for warranty work we will schedule the work after the weather is nice enough to complete it.
  • We’ll keep you updated about our schedule.
  • Warranty work includes labor and material.
  • Free touch up may require you to buy some more paint & is limited to surfaces we can reach from a 4 foot ladder.


So for 5 years it will look as good as the day we finish!

We believe so strongly in our product that we don’t try to sell our warranty as an add on to our work. We include it, and remind you about it because we want you to be as happy on day 1,825 as you are on the day we finish.

You should fill out this contact form right now because we would love to work with you.



This warranty excludes and in no event will Michael Hines Painting be responsible for :

  • Consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse
  • Temperature changes
  • Settlement or moisture
  • Cracks caused by expansion and/or contraction. Cracks will be properly prepared as indicated at time of job, but will not be covered under this warranty.
  • Drywall repairs
  • Wood at (touching) ground level
  • Horizontal surfaces such as a deck where pooling can occur

However, if the failure has been caused by an outside force such as impact or moisture, Michael Hines Painting will inform the homeowner of the problem, and provide a competitive bid to repair the damaged area prior to any work being performed.

Call us right now at (209) 256-4587 to schedule a free estimate.

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