Vintage Kitchen in Amador County, CA: How to Highlight a Retro Decor

Vintage Kitchen in Amador County, CA: How to Highlight a Retro Decor

For some people, the chance of living in a house that is a true time capsule is very real.

Perhaps you are part of the homeowners who have decided to keep intact the retro design of your house. Maybe the history of such creations fascinates you.

However, after a while, your home will need a little change.

The kitchen is particularly one of the rooms that often needs a little more love and work since it is the most frequented place and the most subject to wear and tear in your home.

If the idea of renovating your retro décor is a bit worrisome, know that it is possible to renovate and embellish it while preserving its vintage cachet, or even highlighting it. 

Vintage Kitchen: How to Highlight a Retro Décor


Bring in colors and patterns with an original ceramic

To accentuate the rustic decor that your kitchen already has, adding a tile floor with an original color or pattern is sure to enhance your room, in addition to highlighting it.

Think of antique Italian or Portuguese tiles: white, blue, vibrant colors.

Match your floor with a small portion of backsplash with the same tile.

This will create a glowing look.

Add More Textures with Wallpaper

In the absence of ceramic, and for a less expensive option, the application of wallpaper on one or more walls of your kitchen will do a similarly great job. 

This option is perfect for pairing with old wooden cabinets to bring out their values, rather than changing them.

Floating Shelves for A Rustic Feel

 If, on the other hand, your cabinets are really poor and their condition is deteriorating visibly, opting for floating shelves could add style and charm to your room, in addition to giving it a clean look. Perfect to pair with a tile wall or wallpaper.

Take On the Retro Look at Full Capacity

Your kitchen is already vintage and you like it, so why not enhance the look of it with accessories of the same kind?

By emphasizing retro decor, but with a modern eye, you can create a perfect mix that will impress all your guests.

Matching Appliances to The Décor

To fully assume and enhance the vintage design of your room, the acquisition of retro-style appliances will accompany the rest of the kitchen perfectly.

Get out of your comfort zone and choose an original color that will create an impact.

Think Color.

As mentioned above, the retro style brings colors and shapes, and that’s why adding several colorful accents will accentuate the value of the room.

Cabinet doors, furniture, cabinets … the possibilities are endless.

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If you fancy retro and vintage décor, chances are your home has valuable décor and furniture items that need to be preserved.

For this reason, restoration and enhancement activities such as painting, staining, or wallpapering should be done by professionals.

Restoring a vintage of furniture using your DIY skill may seem like a cost-saving move, however, you can easily render the vintage value of your item null.

The Bottom Line

Cabinet hardware and décor are the jewels of the kitchen, so they must coordinate, be comfortable, and enhance the design of the overall vintage kitchen design. 

So before you buy any décor item or paint, do your research, order samples, and check the finishes with your kitchen equipment to get the perfect fit.

If you’re planning for a vintage kitchen remodeling or redesign, we highly recommend that you hire a professional painting contractor.

In addition to providing high-quality and durable results, hiring professional painting contractors can help you sort out additional issues such as color, hardware, type of paint finish, and sheen.

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