Residential Painting in Amador County, CA: Tips for Storing Paint

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Amador County, Painting

Residential Painting in Amador County, CA: Tips for Storing Paint

Keeping your leftover paint may seem simple and mundane.
However, if the paint is stored incorrectly, you may not be able to use it when you need it.
Here are our top tips to make sure your paint is still good for your touch-ups or your next home repainting project in Amador County, CA work.

Store The Paint in Its Original Container

Contrary to what many may think, the paint will keep better if you leave it in its original container.
Do not pour it into glass jars or food containers.

Glass jars or food containers, such as mayonnaise, coffee or yogurt jars, are not designed to store paint and they may affect certain properties of your products:

Air may enter your container and cause your paint to dry.
These pots are fragile and they break easily.
They may spill into your home or recycling bins when you return your leftover paint for recycling.
The paints are not all compatible (e.g. latex, alkyd, varnish, etc.), and if your paint is not in its original container and it is not identified, it will be impossible to recover while it is 100% recyclable.

Avoid Mixing Different Brands and Formulations of Paints

Mixing two colors to make a new one is not a good idea.
As the different paints do not have the same components, it is not recommended to mix them when storing them either.

Prevent Contact with Air

To prevent air from entering your container, remove excess paint on the edges of your container and on the grooves of your lid with a cloth since these residues could prevent your jar from sealing perfectly.

Store Your Containers Upside Down in A Cool Dry Place

Once closed securely turn your container over on its lid.
This tip will prevent a dry film from forming on the surface of your paint.
Rather, if any, it will end up at the bottom of the container when you need to use it again.

Then store your container in a cool, dry place.
Most manufacturers recommend that you do not store your paint in a cold place since frost can damage your product.
Observe the life expectancy of your painting

How to Dispose of Leftover Paint

If you have leftover paint or empty paint cans, take it to a container yard in your area. Make sure to close the cans so that the paint does not drip.

In any case, unusable leftover paint cannot be disposed of in an ordinary trash can or poured into the sink.
It could cause an explosion. Paint is considered hazardous household waste.
The best bet is to take the paint to a recycling center nearby or hand it over to hazardous waste handlers.

The Bottom line

After you’ve painted a wall or room, it’s not uncommon for you to have paint leftover.
You have two options: either you keep the paint so that you can use it later, or you drop your paint can at the container park.
If you do regular DIY painting, you would probably have to keep the remainder for your next project.

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