Residential Painting, Amador County, CA: Choosing the Paint Finish

Residential Painting, Amador County, CA: Choosing the Paint Finish

Put the finishing touch on your choice of paint color by selecting a finish that enhances the appearance of your surface. 

The paint finish measures the amount of light reflected from a painted surface. That gives it its shine or dullness, as the case may be. 

In this article, we share some tips on the most common paint finishes and how to choose one based on the nature of your project. 

Paint Luster and shine

Paint finishes: Vary on a scale from perfectly matte to very shiny. Different degrees of gloss can affect the perception of color and its ability to add dimension to a room. 

The main interior paint finishes are the ones you will see most often:

Matte finish

The matte finish describes a paint that does not reflect light, so there is no shine. 

This absence of reflection allows more pigments to show through to better conceal imperfections. 

Thanks to its excellent covering power, the surface is perfectly uniform. 

Be careful when using a matte finish in high-traffic areas that require much attention. 

Stains are more challenging to remove with low-gloss paint, and constantly rubbing or cleaning a surface can make it dull.

Velvety Finish

Always popular with professionals and DIY painters, the velvety finish is not very shiny, like the mat or ultra-mat finish, but it is much more durable than the other name we give it: eggshell.

The velvety finish (and its comparable luster for outdoors – the low-shine finish) offers a light, glossy, easy-to-clean surface that fits most spaces in the home, including the family room and hallways. 

Even if it reflects more light than the mat or ultra-mat finish, its soft shine enhances the colors beautifully

Satin Finish

The satin finish is distinguished from the velvety finish by its brighter shine. 

In addition to its superior durability, it resists stains better than less shiny finishes, especially the velvety finish.

The satin finish is perfect for places that need to be highlighted: windows, shutters, moldings, and interior doors. 

For front doors, where architectural details like beveling and paneling are commonplace, consider using paint in a satin finish to achieve a rich, shiny surface that gives it an elegant appearance.

In this category, you will also find the soft luster finish, which without being identical to the satin finish, also offers more lustrous shine, in addition to increased durability.

Semi-gloss finish

The indicated luminous aspect of the semi-gloss finish emphasizes the house’s architectural details and accentuates the relief of the prefabricated carpentry, moldings, and doors. 

Its film hardens to a smooth, professional-quality finish, and its sheen makes it one of the favorites for kitchen cabinets.

Gloss Finish 

Like a mirror, the high gloss finish provides a gleaming finish, which makes it the shiniest of finishes.

Easy to clean and stain-resistant, it will give the surfaces – doors, moldings, and why not a very busy kitchen – a spectacular look.

Many interior designers (and daring owners) enjoy trying it in unexpected places: a ceiling or an accent wall. 

Remember, however, that with this finish, it is better to use the services of a professional painter because of the specific application and preparation techniques that must be followed. 

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