Pro Tips for Painting Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Interior Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets in two hues is a unique and rapidly growing trend that adds variety and interest in your cooking space. You don’t have to paint your kitchen cabinet in plain colors from top to bottom; a little color imagination can go a long way. If you’re here because you love this trend, below are some tips on how to go about creating a two-toned theme.  

Select a Focal Point

To make a two-toned cabinet paint job a success, you first need to pick one area of interest. Often, the kitchen island is a favorite spot for homeowners and interior designers for this trend. There are space planning apps you can use for this purpose if you want to get a little sophisticated. They help you pick the ideal space to splash some color and draw various angles to the eye of the viewer.

Once you have selected a focal point, you can move on to picking the colors and tones you need for your two-toned cabinets. Ensure the focal point is eye-catching by using bolder shades. The hue you choose is up to you, but you can use the rest of the kitchen shade as inspiration to select the appropriate one.

Make the Bottom Darker

Another way to get the two-toned kitchen cabinet trend right is to use a darker shade for the lower part of your cabinets. Once that color is chosen, you can move onto the lighter shades for your top cabinets. This option gives an illusion of a larger kitchen as the top lighter shade will draw any viewer’s eyes upwards.

Mixing a dark or bold shade with white is common for the two-toned kitchen cabinet trend. However, you can consider contrasting colors, or lighter shades of the lower cabinets if you want to stay away from white.

Do Not Limit Your Vision to the Paint Colors

If you don’t like bold shades, don’t worry. There are various ways to add a second tone to your kitchen. The use of different materials is one way to achieve a bold focal point. For instance a bold back-splash choice, or a completely different counter top on an island.

If you plan to mix and match in this manner, seek design inspirations either from online or from friends. Use the specific architectural style you want as a starting point for the design, and get ideas on how to match the materials from various interior design sites.

Ensure You Coordinate Various Elements

Whichever design, color tone, and shade you choose for your cabinets, be sure to include a coordinating element for them all. When you have two distinctive looks, it’s always important to ensure that you use some design element that links them together.

For instance, you can use a similar color palette for all cabinets in your kitchen. Two different shades of the same color is a great way to go about creating a coordinating element.

Consider Color Blocking

Color blocking is a popular trend that can make your cooking space really unique. The idea is to use splashes of contrasting colors or to combine varying shades of bright tones. If you have an all-white kitchen, for instance, you could choose to paint one or a few random cabinets really striking colors such as grassy green or cobalt blue.

If you prefer symmetry, you could color block a group of four bottom cabinets by painting each one a different contrasting shade such as pink, red, yellow, and orange. Navy is an excellent color to use when color blocking in the kitchen, and it pairs well with bright yellow, magenta, and turquoise.

Bottom line

Whichever color scheme you choose for your two-tone kitchen cabinets, the trend infuses a sense of uniqueness into your kitchen cabinetry. The unexpected color pairings and the unconventional approach will create an uplifting and unique cooking space for you and your family.

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