Painting In White: 5 Steps To Choose The Right Shade

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Interior Painting

If you need help with choosing the right shade of white paint for your project in Amador County, California, we’ve got you covered.

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Who thought it could be so difficult deciding which shade of white paint to use? Tan, blue, yellow, bright, and light are all under-tones of white that need special attention. Brightness of the room, floor color, and furnishings can also affect the decor- and the way white is reflected.

So, before embarking on your painting projects, here are some tips for choosing your shades when painting with white.

1.   Evaluate the light

Observe your rooms and think about how the brightness changes during the day. Is the room too bright during the day? Does the sunlight make your rooms light up or are they slightly dimmed? Evaluating the light will help you when deciding between cold or warm white.

2.   Make a choice: warm white or cold white

The second step before painting in white is to choose between a warm white and a cold white.

Warm white –Warm whites have hints of brown, yellow, or red. If you have a room with minimal sunlight coming in, warm whites give you better feel to the space. If you have pale floors or cream-colored carpets, warm whites are the right choice.

Cold White –Cold whites usually have a subtle blue, gray, or green hue to them. If your room receives a lot of light and is very bright, a cold white can help keep it from feeling too intense. They pair nicely with black or gray dark ceramic floors.

3.   Opposites attract 

Already have colors on your walls that you want to keep? Keep in mind this simple rule: opposites attract. What does that mean? A warm white (yellowish or pink) will stand out much better next to a blue wall. Similarly, a cold white (blue or green) will look a lot nicer next to a red wall. The color schemes for whites are essentially based on this rule.

If you don’t want your white to have so much contrast then stick with the same color family (warm or cool).

4.   Test some shades

Once you have chosen between 2 or 3 different shades of white, do some tests with them. That is the best way to tell if the color suits you. Get some sample boards or pieces of cardboard, apply the paint, and stick them to different places in your room. If you have a wall already painted in a different color, put your samples in that place. Look at them at different times of the day. Do not forget to do the test even at night, with your interior lighting on.

5.   Choosing the right finish

When painting in white, finishes are as important as the hues. Here are the ones to prioritize depending on where you’re painting;

Flat or matte finish: For ceilings. The dull finish does a better job at hiding imperfections that a more reflective sheen would highlight.

Eggshell finish: For the walls. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Be careful not to add too much luster on your white walls as shinier also means brighter. And, since each company labels their sheen’s differently, be sure to stick to a product with an angular sheen of around 20-25. It could be labeled as a satin or low-sheen, so it’s important to check the actual number.

Semi-Gloss Finish: For moldings, trim, and doors. The semi-gloss finish adds a little more contrast with the wall color. It also makes the higher traffic areas more durable and easier to clean.

The Bottom Line

As you make your final choice, remember that the important thing is to achieve your ideal space. Trust your instinct and taste. If you’re still undecided, know that some major brands offer neutral whites that have no base color in them. These will fit more easily in most rooms and spaces, but can take 3 or more coats to get full coverage over existing whites.

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