Summer Vacation Atmosphere: Décor Ideas for Relaxing With the Family At Home

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Exterior Painting

Summer Vacation Atmosphere: Décor Ideas for Relaxing With the Family At Home

With the uncertainty surrounding what it will or will not be allowed to do in California this summer, this is the perfect opportunity to make your backyard the ultimate vacation destination.

You can fully enjoy all the little family pleasures in the comfort of your backyard.

With these few suggestions, your vacation maybe even the most memorable, here are a few décor and DIY tips to make it worthwhile.

Relax or Take a Nap Outside

Take a nap in the courtyard in the middle of the day, a little luxury that will keep you relaxed.

Set up a relaxing space in a quiet corner near the garden, on the terrace or by the pool. Install a hammock, a bench with cushions, or even an outdoor bed sheltered from the sun.

Have a Meal Outside With the Family

In the summer season, meals and snacks can be happily taken outdoors.

Plan this between two swims, with the family at the table, at the bar or the drink corner, the idea is to take full advantage of the good weather.

Decorate the dining areas (kitchen, table, bar) with accessories and colorful textiles and of course refreshing drinks and snacks!

Take Full Advantage of the Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, get yourself some swimming accessories to keep the whole family entertained.

Cushions, mattresses, and pool games are welcome

To extend the evening swim, several light effects can create a magical atmosphere

Create a Sand Corner

If you don’t want to go to the beach this summer, create a sand corner to entertain the little ones. Whether in a play area, in a simple sandbox, or near a chalkboard, all ideas are good! To protect children from the sun’s rays, provide a shaded area, a roof, or a simple canvas.

A Cinema in the Courtyard: Why Not?

For a brilliant idea that will please young and old alike, create an outdoor cinema in the courtyard.

You will need a projector and a canvas unless you are projecting the film on one of the walls in your house.

To have a good time, throw cushions on the floor, a sofa, or comfortable chairs and have a good bowl of popcorn.

A Fire Place for “Blanket and Marshmallow” Evenings

To relax and enjoy the holidays, nothing better than an evening around a family fire. Install a fireplace on the terrace, near the pool, or create a fireplace near the garden.

Of course, you will need a few chairs, cushions for extra comfort, and blankets for the cooler evenings.

To make the children happy, take out the marshmallows and make s’mores on the fire (there are plenty of recipes online).

Camping In the Courtyard

Planning to build a fire in the backyard? Have you thought about sleeping outside? Camping in the yard is possible and it can be fun!

Do you own a tent? The project will be easy for you.

Otherwise, you can always set up a tent with some sheets and an inflatable mattress, or even sleep in the children’s cabin if you have one

If you opt for a homemade tent, still pack a mosquito net to protect you from mosquitoes at night.

Essential accessories in your yard this summer

Of course, if you plan to spend a lot of time in your yard this summer, some accessories are essential.

Blankets and floor cushions, a parasol for protection from the sun and a cooler to keep drinks cool are some examples of accessories that will enhance your vacation at home.

If you’re feeling a little stuck and bored at home with the current prevailing situation, I hope the above ideas will spice your home-stay a little.

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