Kitchen Repainting Amador County, California: Color Ideas

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Interior Painting

Kitchen Repainting Amador County, California: Color Ideas 

Planning to update your kitchen in Amador County, California? We’ve got some paint color ideas for you. 

In 2020, people are becoming more and more daring in their choice of paint colors. There are several subtle ways to play with your home decor by incorporating some of your favorite hues and colors. 

One of the rooms in the house that invites experimentation is the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the central rooms of the house so it undergoes a lot of wear and tear.

It is also one of the favorite rooms for most people, often turning it into a gathering place for family moments. 

When choosing a color for your kitchen, consider the shape and function of the space, and your taste.

If you’re having trouble coming up with the best color theme for your kitchen painting project in Amador County, California, consider the following unique color ideas: 

1. Pearl Gray

Although white and natural wood are very common choices in many kitchens in Amador, many homeowners are opting for another neutral shade that is slightly bolder: Pearl gray. 

This neutral shade is both elegant and luxurious while remaining very practical for daily use.

Pearl Gray can seem delicate when combined with monochrome counters and an accent wall or cabinets in bright colors.

Combine a pearl gray with golden hues or navy blue to create an envious look. 

2. Earthy orange

Orange color can add a lot of warmth and uniqueness to the decor of any room.

 Make sure that the shade you choose is discreet rather than too bright and overwhelming.

This color is not suitable for everyone, but pale shades are becoming more popular.

We suggest opting for an accent wall, instead of covering all the kitchen walls with earthy orange. 

3. Nautical blue

Nautical blue is soothing, elegant and timeless, besides evoking the depths of the sea and the immensity of the sky.

This tone goes well with paonazzo marble, brushed brass and colors such as green, lilac and gray.

To add depth, try a nautical blue with a matte finish or stools and chairs arranged to complete the theme.

4. Honey yellow

This yellow brings a warm, sunny glow that blends well with more austere elements such as stainless steel, hardwood floors, and brass accents.

Honey yellow adapts well to kitchens since it can brighten the space and add a shine reminiscent of the heydays of summer.

If you find this color too intense to cover all the walls, consider the “fifth wall”, the ceiling.

Painting the ceiling in color is a design trend that many homeowners in Amador County, California have adopted recently.

A yellow ceiling combined with darker accessories or walls will give the impression that the room is larger.

5. Hunter green

Hunter green can have a very striking effect in a kitchen.

It is not necessarily a color that you would cover an entire room, but you could use it for an island, a cabinet or another large piece of furniture in the kitchen.

Using a contrasting color is a good way to update the kitchen without making a radical transformation and without spending a fortune.

6. Forest green

Homeowners can draw inspiration from their love of nature for decorating their kitchen, as earthy tones and hues associated with sand, air, and sea have gained popularity in recent times.

Forest green is a great choice for kitchen walls, and the soft tones of this shade blend well with natural wood finishes and clay and/or brass fixtures.

For the rest of the decor, including tiles and furniture, opt for simple patterns.

Still can’t decide?

Well, we understand coming up with a color theme that incorporates varied preferences in your home and still keeps up with the current trends can be tricky. 

Luckily for you, at Michael Hines Painting, we offer free color consultation for every approved quote. 

Our experts will work with you to create the best color pellet for your space and help you choose the best type of paint for your project. 

To give us a try, Call us at 209-256-4587 to book a FREE estimate, and let us help you create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.

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