Kitchen Painting Amador County, CA: Useful Tips On Color Choices

Kitchen Painting Amador County, CA: Useful Tips On Color Choices 

Planning to repaint your kitchen? Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen with a paint color that highlights and coordinates the different characteristics of your workspace.

There are several fixed elements in a kitchen, including countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, and the floor.

If neutrals are popular, do not hesitate to incorporate color accents; a simple colorful detail is enough to energize the whole room. 

Consider using high-quality paints from companies like Kelly Moore which offer an appetizing palette of colors for the kitchen.

In addition to grades of paint that offer superior durability and wash-ability in all finishes.

Choice of Colors

Because they occupy most of the kitchen wallspace, the cabinets should guide you in choosing the color of the walls. 

If they are medium or very dark wood, consider using light shades to ensure balance. 

White or pale-colored wooden cabinets combine with many colors, especially the cool tones of blue, gray, and green, which give a contemporary look.

They are suitable for both modern furnishings and more classic decor.

Color Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

White has long been the favorite color of kitchen designers. It seems, however, that it will now have to share this supremacy as pale or subtle shades of gray, blue, and green are gaining popularity. 

If you do not completely redo your cabinets, consider repainting one section or highlighting an island with a different color. 

This will create an eye-catching element, especially if the cabinets are white and you opt for a darker color for an island, a workspace, or a bench.

Create A Happy Mix

In an open space, the best palette for the kitchen is one that contrasts the colors of the adjacent living areas, thus creating a pleasing continuity for the eye. 

Since the wall space is usually very small, choose a color that harmonizes not only with the kitchen but also with the rooms which adjoin it. 

Out of inspiration? Find a color you like on the countertop, backsplash or even the upholstery of a piece of furniture to create a visual link between two spaces.

Sprinkle a Little Color

Here is a good designer tip to spice up the look of a kitchen with neutral color cabinets and countertops: paint one of the elements in a bold and contrasting color. 

Due to its central location, a spectacular kitchen island will catch the eye.

You can also define one of the activity areas, for example, the breakfast area or the workspace, using a different paint color. 

To accentuate the desired effect, opt for finishes with a subtle luster, for example, a velvety finish.

The Bottom Line 

Choosing paint colors can be quite exciting but overwhelming too. 

The idea of this list is to encourage you to pick unique paint colors that go beyond the “ordinary”.

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