Kitchen Cabinet Painting Amador County, Ca: Should I paint them white?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Amador County, Ca: Should I paint them white?

White is the most popular color choice for the majority of my cabinet-painting projects in Amador County, Ca. It is a timeless color and coordinates well with practically any other color in a kitchen. But there are several things to take into consideration before painting your cabinets white.

Dirt and grease accumulation is more noticeable on white cabinets than any other color. Installing knobs is a must if your cabinets don’t already have them, otherwise, the painted doors get dirty fast.

If you choose to paint them white, high quality latex paint is a better choice than oil-based paint. Although oil-based paint is more durable, white oil paint does yellow over time, changing the color. Acrylic latex paint is a durable product for this purpose, and it doesn’t yellow. Urethane-modified acrylic paint is also an excellent choice.

Surface preparation is even more critical when painting kitchen cabinets white because imperfections are far more noticeable in a light color.

Reasons you should try white on your kitchen cabinets

White Is a Neutral Color

The neutral nature of white means it is an excellent color to serve as a clean background or canvas to allow other colors to stand out.

Neutrals play well with any other color, and that is exceptionally true with white; it can be mixed with other colors to add natural contrast.

White, when paired with metallics like stainless steel or brass, will soften their hard appearance.

While colors like black, brown, and grey are also prominent neutrals that can be used in the kitchen, the most traditional kitchen that people see in their heads is often white.

The Classic Look That Will Never Go Out Of Style

White kitchen cabinets are timeless and not subject to the trends of interior design. White is a color with “classic good looks,” where classic means a style that will endure through different periods as generally attractive and trusted.

If you choose this color for your cabinets, you will never have to think twice if this color will ever go out of date.

This type of cabinet will still look good after five years, and some long-time homeowners have been content with this choice after 20 years, from traditional to modern homes, white kitchen cabinets can work with any home decor.

White Is a Versatile Color

Not only is white neutral, but it is also versatile. This color adapts to every kind of kitchen design: Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary.

The even more beautiful part of having white kitchen cabinets is that if you change the handles, pulls or knobs, you can change the feel or look of the kitchen with such a subtle detail and avoid costly remodeling when it is not necessary.

White Will Brighten a Kitchen

White reflects all light, so this will add luminosity to a kitchen.

Any lighting will be naturally enhanced by this color, so depending on how you light your room, you can potentially save on electricity.

Besides, a bright kitchen can brighten your mood if you want that welcoming energy in your house, especially when cooking and entertaining guests.

White Kitchens Feel More Sanitary

White kitchens started to become more popular when food preparation and concerns of contamination influenced the history of kitchen design.

Because you can see dirt and spills easily, you can quickly clean up messes and keep your kitchen free from germs and bacteria. White cabinets will add to this feeling of cleanliness that no other color provides.

The Bottom Line

White kitchen cabinets remain popular and will continue to remain popular because they are everlasting and are not subject to the whim of interior design. They are practical because they will never go out of style, but they can require more maintenance than other colors of cabinets.

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