Interior Painting & Décor Amador County: Creating a Scandinavian décor

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Interior Painting

Interior Painting & Décor Amador County: Creating a Scandinavian Décor

Beyond an atmosphere, the Scandinavian style is an art of living that combines comfort and ambiance.

Its cozy atmosphere transforms our houses into pleasant cocoons with soft colors and lines.

From color, material, and texture to furniture, lighting, and accessories, here is our advice on embracing a Scandinavian décor.

What Is Scandinavian Style?

The Scandinavian countries go through harsh winters marked by long nights.

People like to hide in their houses during the cold season and with little light. They turn into a den.

Their warm cocoon reigns a cozy atmosphere woven from natural materials, clean lines, and graphic patterns.

Nordic decoration stands out above all for its simplicity. It reflects the minimalist spirit in the furniture created by illustrious designers of the 1950s, whose iconic pieces are timeless today.

Neutral tones at the heart of Scandinavian style

To bring in the light inside, the Nordic populations look for clear, uncluttered atmospheres and place the color white (or off-white) at the heart of their decoration. This neutral base is generally associated with warm materials such as wood; use on furniture, parquet, or beams is okay. Shades that draw from nature are also appreciated.

Implementing light or dark gray, beige, or even taupe serves as a backdrop for the layout.

A Palette of Natural or Pastel Tones

White walls and light tones produce a minimalist decor that lends itself ideally to the addition of vibrant color notes.

A touch of powder pink, sea green, lavender purple, sky blue, and light yellow can appear through a wall sticker, graphic prints, or wallpaper pasted on a wall.

From your monochromatic background, only use one or two colors, making sure they blend harmoniously.

Wood dominates the Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian countries are known for their attachment to the environment and ecological concerns.

In this spirit, favoring the use of raw materials. Very early on, the search for a warm interior and abundant forest resources oriented the Nordics towards wood.

Tinted, smoked, or bleached, this material can be integrated into many forms: covering the floor, the ceiling, the walls, or through furniture and accessories.

Wood floors are generally inviting everywhere except in damp rooms.

Pine, oak, beech, or ash do not hesitate to mix the species, preferring a light shade.

Nordic Decor Mixes Materials

Since the Scandinavian atmosphere is both cocooning and elegant, the metallic finishes (metal, brass, copper) invite themselves into the decor to produce a balanced contrast.

In Nordic decoration, all kinds of natural materials are welcome: wicker, rattan, hemp, leather (imitation)

The counter in the kitchen consists of wood, concrete, stainless steel, or white quartz for an immaculate design.

Scandinavian Style: Materials and Fabrics

The different textures are vital in creating a cozy atmosphere, essential in the Scandinavian style.

Do not hesitate to mix soft and natural textiles that will surround your interior with a bohemian and design spirit.

A sizeable woolen blanket on the bed, linen pillows, throws on the sofa, light curtains, thick curtains, and large rugs will bring softness to the decor.

To liven up the rooms, add the cushions with geometric patterns.

On the ground, Berber or herringbone rugs will break up the monotony of neutral colors.

Lighting in a Nordic décor

The Scandinavian style aims to illuminate the space and organize a cozy atmosphere.

As such, particular care must be taken in the choice of lighting. Initially, large windows will guarantee the entry of natural light.

At the same time, the diversity of light sources will be a plus.

The Nordic decor goes well with the industrial style; a metal architectural lamp with a swing arm will be perfect in an office.

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