A lot of people think that a project involving interior painting in Amador County will make them anxious, and if it does that’s ok, but we want to remind you not to forget about your pets during the project!

Not only will he or she feel your stress, but they will also have the noises, voices, and unfamiliar people do deal with.

Although for larger construction jobs it is advisable to relocate your furry friends, this option is not always available and doesn’t make sense for a shorter 1-2 week project. Here are some helpful ideas that could help your furry children, along with some possible warning signs to look out for if you decide to engage in some residential painting in Amador County, California.

Keeping Your Pets Safe During Home Improvement Is Important

Most animals are perfectly fine during the painting process, we don’t want to alarm you or cause fear. We just know that things don’t always go according to plan, and we try to do everything we can to protect someone home and the family members in it….Whether they have 2 legs or 4!

Common signs of Stress

Animals have a greater sense of hearing and smell than humans. Especially cats, sudden changes can create a very high-stress state. Some signs to keep an eye out for are:

  • Hair loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Sudden accidents around the home
  • Vomiting
  • Unusual Yapping, meowing, or other noises

First steps for the comfort of your Pet during renovations

Introduction to newcomers

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, try as much as possible to introduce the people who will be regularly visiting your pets.

Not only will this help your pet get used to their new smells, but you will also reduce their stress level with these strangers by letting them know they are invited.

Define a safe place for them

Your companions have favorite objects or places in the house. 

If renovations take place in or near these areas, it is important to move your pets’ favorite toys into a different, safe room.

Recognizing a familiar smell in a new place will help trigger familiarity even though there is so much happening around them.

Use Pheromones for Relaxation

Consider using products that help reduce stress, such as incorporating pheromones to soothe the pets.

Also, certain oils infused with CBD are for sale in pet shops.

You can usually find options that can be given orally or dropped on the skin (behind the ears) – they should be safe for your pets, but it is always good to consult your veterinarian if you have questions.

Extra precautions to take during renovations for the safety of your animals

  • Watch for easy access exits. The frequent back and forth of the workers mixed with hands full of tools and supplies could allow your pet to make a quick escape.
  • Make sure the company will clean up after each work day- as much as possible. Including putting the tools and equipment in an agreed upon location.
  • Make sure dangerous tools and live electrical is not accessible – animals are very observant and curious.
  • Stay attentive. Take note of your pet’s behavior, evaluate his attitude, and change his water frequently. Plus, rotate toys to keep him distracted. 

Although it is better to relocate your animals during larger jobs, these small tips could help you with smaller projects like interior painting or cabinet painting.

The Bottom Line 

Not many people think about the comfort and welfare of their pets during home renovations and improvement projects. These little furry friends can go through a lot of stress.

Keep the above tips in mind and you should have a happier household and the end of your interior painting project.

Also, hiring professionals helps reduce the anxiety and stress on your pets, and humans because we can get it done quicker.

If you’re considering hiring a painting contractor for any of your painting needs, the team at Michael Hines Painting loves animals.

Call us at 209-256-4587 to book a FREE estimate, and let us help create a home that you and your pets will love!

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