Your days often start and end in the same place: your bedroom.

This heartwarming room must live up to your expectations in all its aspects.

Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom is no easy task, as you might have already realized.

The color should reflect your personality and trigger emotions that resemble you.

Even if you don’t think about it every day, the dominant color in your bedroom definitely affects you.

Here are the characteristics associated with the most popular bedroom colors, one of these might just be your next bedroom color.


Red is characterized by its intensity. Whether invoking love, passion, or anger on you, this energetic shade always makes a striking first impression.

Many people find this color too stimulating for a bedroom.

However, if you only spend time in your bedroom after the sun sets, dark red hues become stylish and calming.


Orange is filled with energy and enthusiasm, a bit like red.

It’s not typically associated with bedrooms, but it can be perfect for active people who are on the move.

Orange can make you think of several pleasant things like a sunset, the freshness of citrus fruits, or an autumn landscape.

Ancient cultures associated this color with good breathing and high energy levels.


For people, a little more reserved, blue is a perfect color for the bedroom.

This color is considered relaxing, calm, and serene.

Blue is an extremely popular color with men and increasingly with women.

Very dark shades of blue can be associated with sadness or melancholy.

On the other hand, pale blue hues can complement the lighting of a room that receives little natural light.

Unlike red, blue decreases blood pressure, breathing speed, and heart rate. If you use your bedroom for homework or work, blue is known to improve productivity.


Green is a refreshing and soothing color for the eyes.

It is associated with good luck, health, and peace of mind.

When used properly, this color can be perfect for any room in a home.

Try it out to add color to your entrance hall. Without surprises, this is an ideal color for nature enthusiasts.

Green is recognized for its ability to reduce stress. Plus, some studies claim green is good for fertility, well, we have no authority back that up.


Mauve is associated with luxury, creativity, and relaxation.

This color can be used for a bedroom when homeowners are looking for a mood that is out of the ordinary (mauve and purple are rarely seen in nature).

Recognized as a sophisticated color, purple is often loved or hated.

Make sure you’re on the right side of this equation before making a decision.

Mauve has been considered a royal color for centuries. Several historical figures displayed it to show their wisdom and wealth.


Being a lighter, paler version of red, pink inspires romance and love.

It is strongly associated with women, but more and more men are appreciating it.

Pink possesses characteristics such as compassion, kindness, and gentleness.

Pink is known to have calming and creative effects. It is a popular color for girls’ bedrooms.


Yellow communicates joy. Its association with the sun’s rays which gives it energetic and lively qualities.

Even though this color is known to bring happiness, it is risky to use it as the dominant color in a bedroom.

The overdose of energy that this provides can interfere with the relaxation and calmness that you need in the bedroom

In therapy, yellow is used to stimulate the nerves and cleanse the body.

To integrate it into your decor, you could create a yellow accent wall or consider yellow shades on the dark side of the spectrum.

Neutral (black, gray, white and brown)

More neutral colors are a great choice for a bedroom.

They are flexible hues that coordinate well with multiple personalities and decors.

Since black paint tends to absorb a room’s light, don’t use it as the dominant color.

Opt instead for accessories, furniture, paint only one wall, or other small touches of black in your decor.

Painting in white represents purity and innocence. The clarity of the white paint tends to give the illusion of space (to feel like a larger bedroom) in addition to brightening up your decor.

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