Interior Painting, Amador County, CA: 10 Unique Living Room Color Ideas

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Interior Painting

Interior Painting, Amador County, CA: 10 Unique Living Room Color Ideas

“So, which paint color do you think we should use?” 

This is one of the most common questions we get from many homeowners in Amador County, California and beyond. 

Choosing a paint color can sometimes be difficult and demanding.

With thousands of colors, shades and tones out there to choose from, picking the best paint color for your living room can change from fun and exciting to overwhelming in minutes. 

The living room represents gathering, movement, relaxation, rest and comfort, all at once. 

This is why choosing the perfect color combination that sets the right mood and adds to your décor is vital. 

If you’re having trouble choosing the right color for your living room in Amador County, CA, here are our 10 unique color ideas you should give a try; 

1. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a mixture of mauve and blue. Being very vibrant, this shade will provide the desired impact in the room. 

If you love some bit of contrast in your design, you can be sure periwinkle will deliver. 

2. Sage/grey-green

Sage is organic and refreshing; perfect for bringing the room to life and adding a touch of sparkle to your walls.

It goes well with the shades of powder blue, dark yellow or white.

3. Dark yellow

Yellow is not a common color on interior walls, perhaps due to its overwhelming nature when used in large doses. 

However, dark yellow, like mustard, brings an original and bold accent to the room.

It’s a common color used in decorative painting for creating shapes and drawings on the walls. 

Again, you probably want to use it in small doses especially if you have a smaller living room. 

4. Rose

This shade of pink is not only elegant, but it stands out well when accompanied by a second color like white. 

Such a combination offers a perfect contrast if you’re trying to add some interest in your space. 

5. Gray-blue 

Blue-gray is a cool color that inspires freshness and relaxation.

Combined with white moldings and ceilings, it will present an inviting room with a refreshing feel to it.  

6. Purple/cashmere gray

These shades of purple and gray are neutral and softer versions of their original color. They’re an awesome combination, perfect for a calm and serene atmosphere.

You can pair them with neutral tones to create an illusion of depth in the room.

7. Light brown/Copper

If you’re looking for warmer colors, variations in orange hues may be a perfect fit for you. Like terracotta, copper is a vibrant color with earthy hues, perfect for your living room.

8. Oatmeal

Like hazelnut, sand or oatmeal colors age wonderfully.

The sandy tones of beige harmonize perfectly with modern accessories.

9. Dark gray

If your living room has large windows, these colors will complement your space and other décor items wonderfully.

With white furniture or accessories, you can create a vibrant contrast that will bring the living room to life

10. Hazelnut

Love fall colors? Hazelnut brown is a classic color that ages gracefully.

It’s an awesome color to welcome friends in the evening with good hot drinks.  

The Bottom Line 

Did you find anything interesting? 

The idea of this list is to prompt you towards picking the unique color combinations away from the standard common colors. 

If you need help choosing your interior paint colors and repainting your home interior, our team at Michael Hines Painting can help. 

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