Interior Painting Amador: 9 Painting Tips to Make Your Life Easier

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Interior Painting

Are you planning for interior painting in Amador County, California?

Maybe planning to sell your house soon? Or just need a new, fresh look? Whatever your reason, interior painting can dramatically improve your home’s interior aesthetics and increase your home’s value instantly.

However, if you’re planning for DIY interior painting, you have a demanding task ahead of you. To make your work less of a hassle and save you time and money, here are some interior painting tips that will help you produce flawless and high-quality paint results.

1.   Clean Your Roller Cover Before Starting

Even if they are new, its a good idea to clean your roller covers with hot water. That will help remove loose fibers now, instead of allowing them to get trapped into the paint on your walls. Also, a slightly wet roller holds paint much better than a completely dry roller sleeve. After washing, allow the roller to drain until its almost dry before you use it.

2.   Use A Broom And Wet Cloths To Remove Dust On Your Walls

Nothing is more unflattering than spreading dust in a layer of new paint. Use a broom or webster to knock off visible dust and cobwebs, and use damp cloths to remove “stuck” buildup. Also be sure to sweep your floors to prevent dirt from rising during your work. You could bring in the trusty vacuum cleaner if your walls are significantly dusty.

3.  Spackle Nail Holes With Your Finger, Not A Putty Knife

Using a putty knife to fill nail holes on a textured wall leaves behind a big messy blob, and sanding only does so much. If you fill the holes using your finger and smooth it out right after you apply it, the texture stays intact and the hole stays filled.

4.   Remove Your Tapes Before The Paint Dries Completely

To avoid irregularities and for straight lines, remove your painters’ tape before the paint dries completely. For best results, pull the tape at a 45-degree angle relative to the painted section.

5.   Put Your Brush And Rollers In Bags During Breaks

Modern water-based paint dries extremely fast and a 15-60 minute break is long enough to dry out and ruin a brush or roller. Before you take your break, stick the brush into a ziplock, and cover your roller with a kitchen garbage bag to keep it from drying out.

6.   Take Off What You Can

Tape works well to protect surfaces while you’re painting. However, if you can remove something then you should do it. Removing the lights and outlet covers will make for a cleaner and more attractive finished product.

7.   Paint One Wall At A Time

This may seem obvious, but many people do a complete cut in of a room before starting to roll. By painting one wall at a time, you will see a virtually imperceptible transition between your brush cut and your roller application.

8.   Use Plastic Wrap To Cover Objects That Are Difficult To Move

Some objects are difficult to move and stain easily. Rather than using towels or bed sheets, you can buy a box of painters plastic for around $20. It comes in a big roll and will last for multiple projects. And as an added bonus paint can’t leak through it!

9.   Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure On the Roller

If you have to apply extra force on the roller then you probably need to dip it into paint again, you want the paint to release off of the surface of the roller and not feel like you’re forcing it out. Besides, if you force and stretch the paint too much, you will see the roller marks once the paint is dry.

The Bottom line

Interior painting can be a long and grueling weekend if you try to do it yourself. However, if you don’t have the necessary painting skills, tools, and patience, not even the above tips can save the day; consider hiring a professional painting contractor.

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