How to Prepare Before a Painting Contractor Comes

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How to Prepare Before a Painting Contractor Comes

Now that you’ve decided to hand over your painting task to a professional residential painter in Amador County, California, you might be wondering how you should prepare for the project. Preparing your home appropriately for a painting project can make the task run smoothly, save time (and money) and minimize inconveniences.

In this article, we want to share a few tips on how to prepare for the arrival of a home painting contractor. Take a look:

Move Furniture

Painting professionals typically do this for you, but since you’re paying them an hourly rate, doing this on your own in advance might lower the labor costs. Before the painter arrives, move all the furniture to the center of the room to avoid paint dripping and splattering on them. If you can’t move furniture on your own, most painting companies can assist you at a small extra charge.

Cabinets and Closets

Are you painting the bathroom and kitchens as well? If so, you will also be required to move all the pots, plates, pans, and other items in your cabinets. Place these items in a room or area that is not being painted, and keep them covered. If closets are being painted as well, empty them before the painting crew arrives.

Remove Window Treatments

Accidental paint splatters are inevitable when it comes to interior painting, so remove curtains, drapes or blinds if you want to prevent paint dripping on them. This is also a good chance to give your windows a good, hassle-free cleaning while you’re at it.
Additionally, if you have any wall hangings such as mirrors, pictures or other wall decor, take them down before the painter arrives. This not only speeds up the painting process but also makes sure they’re not tampered with. Move the items to the middle of the room and cover them with protective sheets to keep off dust and stray paint.

Vacuum Carpets and Flooring

Once the painting is done, you might want to thoroughly clean your painting rooms to get rid of the generated dust and particles. However, the dust tends to rest on the paint before it dries completely, and it can ruin your final paint coat. To minimize the dust and particles, consider vacuuming your carpet and flooring surface before the painter arrives. At the end of the painting project, wait until the paint is completely dry before vacuuming and dusting off the residue.

Be Specific

Homeowners sometimes overlook little but important details during a paint estimate session. Many times contractors will provide painting supplies such as paint, primer and filler material from their trusted suppliers. However, if you have any specific preferences in terms of color brands to be used, mention this in advance to your painter.
The same applies to paint colors. If you’re changing your paint color to something else, make sure you consult appropriately about the best paint colors that will blend with your existing theme. Also, if you need any extras, like an extra top paint coat or a textured surface in some areas, make sure it’s all spelled out in advance. Have damaged drywall or a severe case of mold invasion? Don’t overlook it –alert your painter in advance.

Bottom Line

Making the above preparations in advance will result in a smooth, efficient and quality paint job with minimal interruptions and inconveniences. In many cases, doing so will also cut down the time the painter needs to complete your project and essentially save you money on labor.

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