How to Paint a Room over the Weekend Amador County, CA

How to Paint a Room over the Weekend Amador County, CA

Thinking of repainting the walls of your bedroom, living room, or bathroom in Amador County, CA? Take advantage of the next weekend to complete this project that is close to your heart.

It is possible to repaint a room in just three days. However, keep in mind that if you don’t have the painting skills, tools, or experience, hiring a professional painting contractor might be the best thing to do.

Otherwise, here is how you can go about painting a room over the weekend.

Friday night

First, assess the surface to be painted, check if there are alterations to be made, flaking paint to scrape; this will determine what tools you will need. Learn about the reusable paint accessories and tools you have left at home.

Then, assemble other missing products and tools, these typically include;
• fine sandpaper
• Paint scraper
• a flat screwdriver and a hammer
• one or two synthetic brushes (ideal for latex paint)
• two or three quality rollers
• a roller handle
• primer, if necessary
• tools to strip window edges
• products to remove mold on the edges of windows or bottom of molding, if necessary (if you use these products, remember to protect your hands with protective gloves)
• Painter’s canvas or protective plastic
• a stepladder
• a fan

How much paint?

To determine the quantity of paint you will need for your decorating project, ask an expert for advice directly in-store or consult a professional painting contractor.

Prepare The Room To Be Repainted:

  • free the walls and the floor by removing the decorative accessories and the furniture
    • remove the curtains, blinds, rods, doors that you will put in another room, if possible
    • remove the electric plates
    • unscrew the ceiling lights

Prepare the surface to be repainted:

  • Wipe over the surface to be painted using a damp cloth. If necessary, use a degreaser and products to remove mold
    • scrape off flaking paint
    • repair imperfections with pore-filler, dry, then sand
    • Layout your sheets and plastics to protect the floor or large furniture
    • If you are not using a cut-out applicator, lay your tape around different colored frames and moldings, door hardware, etc.


Start painting:

  • Make sure the surface is dry and well sanded.
    • if you’re repainting the frames and the ceiling, first apply the paint to the ceiling, then the framing
    • Wait for an hour, then start applying the paint to the walls. Start with the cutouts. If you are alone, paint one wall at a time to prevent the paint from drying out between the two application steps
    • let it dry a few hours, then repeat the steps
    • As a general room, and depending on the type of paint you’re using, apply a maximum of two coats of paint to your walls in 24 hours.


Evaluate the result of the previous day:

  • If necessary, apply a third coat of paint
    • Let it dry for a few hours. Meanwhile, wash your brushes and accessories, store your plastics and sheets/canvas.
    • reinstall your room avoiding furniture and decorative accessories being placed too close to the wall
    Preferably, wait for an additional 12 hours before resting material on the newly painted walls and surfaces.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, repainting a room on a weekend is possible. But let’s be realistic, it’s also a great challenge.

If you need professional help repainting your home interior, our creative team at Michael Hines Painting can help.

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