How to Maintain Wooden Window Frames In Amador County

How to Maintain Wooden Window Frames In Amador County


Wood window frames add a touch of beauty both inside and outside your home. Nonetheless, as with anything possessing natural beauty, it is necessary to take great care of it so that it continues to have charm and appeal.

You can easily extend the life of your wooden frames by inspecting and maintaining them properly, which will also save you money in the long run.

Only some people know the advantages and disadvantages of working with wood. When performing any maintenance task on your home and its components, take the time to inspect wood frames, even if they are in good condition. 

Here’s how to maintain your window frames

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning is vital to ensure the longevity of your wooden window frames, as the surfaces need to be maintained to prevent dirt or grime from getting inside the material. 

First, dust your frames to remove any build-up. To do this, grab a dry, clean cloth and carefully wipe the edges of the frames.

If you notice any areas with a significant dust build-up, don’t be afraid to scrub them. 

Look at the floor under the window to make sure whatever you’ve dusted off isn’t there. 

If so, grab a vacuum cleaner or broom to prevent dust from collecting and finding its way onto your wooden frames.

Depending on the dusting, you can either reuse your laundry or take another to remove the dirt from your window frames. 

Use hot water, take the water-soaked cloth, and wring it out. 

After that, apply a small amount of dish soap to the laundry, regular laundry soap will work well to clean your wooden frames.

If you’ve ever purchased a product specifically designed to clean your wooden frames, use it.

Inspect the Wood Frame for Moisture Damage Or Signs Of Mold

Because it is a natural material, wood is very vulnerable to damage from mold and rot. If you notice signs of either, it suggests that the sealant used on your windows is gone or has worn off. 

If so, the window frames must be re-caulked or fitted with a new sealant. 

A wood sealer will help maintain the longevity of your windows. Applying it regularly or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Generally, applying a sealer once a year. If you do not use the sealer frequently enough, your wood could be the victim of mold growth, which is of the utmost importance. 

What to Do With Rot

You can use steel wool if you find any signs of rot or mold on your wooden window frames. 

Rub the surface of your wood frames with steel wool and mineral turpentine, allowing you to determine how severe the damage is.  

If these are deep, you might need steel wool to remove parts of the frame.

If you remove any pieces, they must be filled in with an epoxy-based wood filler and a refined wood sealer to prevent the damaged sections from rotting further. 

Paint Touch-ups

Painted window frames have a chance that the paint will start to peel and wear off over the years. 

For this reason, it may be necessary to touch up the paint every two years, depending on the condition of your window frames. 

If this project is needed, you could start sanding the old paint with a belt sander.

Be sure to wear a face shield when completing this process.

If you are working on the exterior of your home, clean the windows with a garden hose after sanding. 

If you are working indoors, gently wipe the windows with a rag. 

Also, before repainting windows, follow the previously mentioned steps for cleaning wood windows.

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