You have just changed jobs or you want to move to be closer to your family or the sea.
However, the sale of your property can quickly hamper your move if you don’t have the right tricks.

In this article, we share tips on Home staging that will help you sell your home faster and for the best price in Amador County, CA.

A Space = A Function

Your home surely has multi-function or open rooms, however they must reflect functionality. A future buyer will find it easier to project himself into a space offering a single function. To put the visitor at ease, each space must be structured and thus bring unity to each room.

The boundaries can be made by changing the paint color, flooring, and the addition of carpets or separation panels. Each moment of life must have its own space. In a large living room such as a living room with an open kitchen and dining room, the transition between the kitchen space and the living room can be accomplished using a change of floor and a change of paint.

Neutral Colors

The second tip is to bring as much light as possible to rooms in the house. In most living rooms, the colors should remain neutral with shades like gray, white, and blue-gray. This gives warmth and neutrality.

These neutral paints make it easier for future buyers to imagine themselves into this new space and more easily visualize the location of their furniture.

These colors also allow them to easily change the decoration and furniture without having to repaint the room.


Renovation is a key part of home staging. It must be the most important expense item. A well-maintained and healthy home is an asset that will sell quickly.

Potential buyers are looking for a home that has as little after-sell repairs as possible.

A little paint, fill the holes, finish the installation of a baseboard or a good cleaning and your home quickly increases in value.
If the budget allows, consider a full interior and exterior paint job.

Declutter & Depersonalize

To attract buyers and convince them to visit your property, you must of course allow them to best imagine themselves in this space.

For this, follow the first rule of home staging: declutter.

Sort your belongings- give away or sell some, and dispose of those you can’t reuse.

Also, depersonalize the space so you can appeal to a wide range of buyers. This will help your rooms appear larger and more welcoming.


The bathroom is the most studied and scrutinized by potential buyers. It must be decent and up to date.

By repainting your walls in a neutral color and fixing or changing grout, your bathroom can look new and more appealing.
Look to replace any tarnished fixtures on the sink or tub, replace failed silicone caulking, and make sure the vanity is in good shape.

The Front Door and Entrance

A buyers first impression of your property is how the front door and surrounding area look while they are walking up to it.

It is therefore important to have an impeccable and welcoming entrance that does not make them feel uncomfortable or out of balance.

When they step inside it is best to highlight the interior of the entrance with neutral and welcoming colors, and some decorations to add in some warmth.

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