Home Painting & Renovation in Amador County during the COVID-19 Era

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Painting, Painting

Home Painting & Renovation in Amador County during the COVID-19 Era

Many people are wondering what to do with home improvement projects during this pandemic time. 

Some projects have been underway for a few weeks or even a few months and the projects that were to take place in the times to come. 

Other people also want to start planning the work for the next few months. However, it can be difficult to plan and make decisions given the uncertainty of the current period.

Now that we are almost past the second wave, we all have a little more experience than six months ago, when we had to get used to the sanitary measures. 

Many people relaxed a bit over the summer, but with the number of cases increasing exponentially and the tough decisions being made by the government, it becomes very important to take it seriously again. 

However, extra care must be taken to reduce the risk of spread which could then lead to closures. 

This is why we wanted to prepare a small guide to help you in your decision-making process. 

The Bidding Stage: Meet the Entrepreneurs in Person or Remotely?

You have most certainly heard of the concept of social distancing. 

This expression has been part of our reality since March and it emphasizes the importance of reducing proximity between people to reduce the chances of transmission. 

Normally, most submissions take place in person. The contractors go to the places where the work is to take place and meet the potential client. 

However, to adapt to current recommendations, it is strongly recommended to rely on other techniques for carrying out work evaluations, especially for interior work. 

In most situations, it is possible to find solutions for doing remote submissions. 

You will notice that this is a contrary recommendation to what we usually present, as face-to-face meetings are always the best approach. 

However, for exceptional situations, suitable solutions must be found. 

Here are alternatives to submissions presented in person;

  • Video call evaluations (Skype, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other video communication tools) to allow the contractor to see what needs to be renovated. You can also send video clips that the contractor can review remotely; 
  • Email communications, where you can send photos, plans, and precise descriptions of your needs, budget, and expectations.

Do the contractors you contact insist on coming in person (eg for an emergency)? 

Be sure to ask them what steps they plan to take to keep everyone involved safe. 

Do they practice good hygiene? Are they going to stay there for a long time? Do they absolutely have to come? 

We have created an article and sent a list of tips to contractors in our network to adapt their approach to quotes and work. You can also read this article to manage the submissions you receive remotely.

Is the Project Urgent?

There is a category of work that can be referred to as urgent. Here are some examples:

  • Plumbing problems that prevent the system from working properly;
  • Electrical problems that affect the operation and power of the system;
  • Work that must be done to solve a dangerous problem (beef belly, broken window, broken door, water infiltration, disasters);
  • Heating problems;
  • The lock problems.

For urgent work, it is possible to find solutions so that repairs take place as quickly as possible. 

Prioritize contractors who are open and transparent about the measures they take to comply with health and safety recommendations.

Communicate as much as possible by email and phone and observe the social distance when the contractor and his workers are on-site to perform the work. 

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