Home Décor and Painting Amador County: Trends to Watch In 2021

Home Décor and Painting Amador County: Trends to Watch In 2021


Are you planning to renovate this year? Review the decoration or color of a room?

Wait, a minute…

Do you know the decoration, design, and color trends for 2021? To make an informed decision and execute your work with the best ideas of 2021, here is an overview of the trends to adapt according to your style, your budget, and your tastes. Home Décor and Painting Amador County: Trends to Watch In 2021 blog is here to save the day!

Paint Color Trends for 2021

What are the trendy colors to paint your walls in 2021? Here they are!


If you like gray, know that it is still present this year.

From light shades to dark shades, gray easily matches any decor. It is definitely a color that has stood the test of time.

Be sure to choose the right shade of gray paint according to the brightness of your room and the furniture.


The navy color was already a trend for kitchens and living rooms in 2020.

This year, all the blue palettes that refer to the navy are in the spotlight and present in all the rooms of the house.

Consider adding navy to your bedroom or office. The result is beautiful and very relaxing!


Green is on all walls in 2021. Reminiscent of nature and evergreens, opt for this trendy color of 2021 if you’re in for a bold change.

Use it in large rooms or on a single wall to give character to a small room, either way, you will like the effect.

Furniture Trends for 2021

The return of 80s furniture

Angular armchairs, transparent chairs, and stone coffee tables; the 80s are back. Do you wish to include this style in your decor?

Sofas with traditional and comfortable shapes

In 2021, the classic look is essential. Natural materials like leather are also making a big comeback. Finally, COMFORT wins over the look in 2021.

Original tables in an eclectic setting

To choose a new table and new dining chairs, know that eclectic decors are a unique pick.

Say goodbye to sets and hello to differently colored chairs with a simple, well-appointed table.

Design trends in 2021

Sustainable design

Recycled materials are in the spotlight at several major brands of furniture and accessories.

If you want to do your part for the environment, consider sustainable materials like wood or recycled plastic.

Minimalist Design with a Statement Piece 

Neutral decoration as much as possible and removal of superfluous objects; it is the basis of the refined minimalist decoration.

To add a little personality to this type of design, in 2021, we add a statement piece in the space.

What is a statement piece? It is an object that immediately catches the eye with its colorful and unique nature.

An example? A large swing in the middle of the room, a huge canvas, or a sculpture. Let your favorites do the talking.

Industrial style design

The open areas are popular, as is the industrial style design. Brick, concrete, wood, and old industry look, in terms of lighting and decoration, will perfectly fill large spaces.

Deco trends 2021


If you haven’t yet embraced the trend by adding an element of macrame to your walls, it’s not too late in 2021. Inspired by the ’70s, macrame is seen everywhere: from accessories to suspensions for plants, right up to ‘to the cushions.

Wall panels

In squares, rectangles, or thin lines, wall panels occupy an important place in decoration in 2021. To enhance the wall of your television corner, or simply to give relief in a bedroom, wall panels add a touch of décor and originality to all decorations.

Elements of nature

This year, bring the outdoors indoors! From vertical gardens to natural wallpaper, nature enters our homes. It’s a decorative trend to watch closely for 2021, and it fits in with both classic and modern settings.

Rustic Modern

If you love rustic elements like rattan or wood in modern decor, this trend is for you! Rattan chairs in a modern style kitchen, modern light fixtures by a rustic fireplace are things you might see in 2021.

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