Exterior Painting Amador County, Ca: Paint Your Deck Using These Simple Steps

Exterior Painting Amador County, Ca: Paint Your Deck Using These Simple Steps

A weekend is usually enough to give a fresh look to your terrace or other wooden exterior structure by applying paint.

Offering both aesthetics and function, the paint protects the structure thanks to its opacity and gives a uniform finish.
Also, it improves the exterior appearance of the house and thereby increases its value.
The process is simple: remove the old layer of paint and apply a new one. Choose your paint according to the materials of your terrace.
Depending on the structure, however, the process could be long and tedious.

The following tips save time, energy, and even a few dollars.
You just have to choose the right paint depending on the project.
As usual, if you don’t have the tools and skills for painting, please consider hiring a professional painting contractor.

Let’s have a quick look;

Check the wood structure

  • Inspect the surface structure, including the pillars as well as the edge and intermediate joists, and make sure they are in good condition.
    • Check if the materials touching the ground are rotten. Repair or replace damaged pieces of wood, if necessary.
    • Check that the stirrups that hold the structure are in good condition.
    • Replace any decking, moldy or damaged planks on the patio surface, if necessary.
    • Check the solidity of the railings and stair railings and adjust, if necessary.
    • Make sure that the various anchors, nails, and screws are securely fastened.

Stripping the Surface

  • Scrape and roughly sand flat surfaces using an electric sander and 80-100 grit sandpaper.
    • Sweep the surface to remove paint debris.
    • Generously apply a stripper using a bristle brush.
    • Leave the stripper to act until the old paint lifts.
    • Scrape the surface with a wooden scraper, a hard brush, metallic wool, or a synthetic pad.
    • Rinse the surface with a pressure washer.
    • Repeat the stripper step, if necessary.
    • Sand the horizontal surfaces with 80 sandpaper and the vertical surfaces with 120 sandpaper to remove residue.
    • Rinse, then clean the surfaces with a broom or shop vacuum.

Clean the Unpainted Surfaces of the Structure

  • Water the surface of the wood structure.
    • Apply the cleaner using a sprayer. Do not allow the product to dry.
    • Brush surfaces, especially on stains and high traffic areas.
    • Wait for the product to act according to the manufacturer’s directions.
    • Clean and rinse surfaces with a pressure washer.
    • Rinse shrubs, plants, and other surfaces near the structure with plenty of water.

Apply Primer and Paint

  • Ensure that all surfaces are well prepared, clean, and dry.
    • Check the weather and choose a period of more than 48 hours without rain. Avoid painting if it is too hot.
    • Protect surfaces not to be painted, such as vinyl siding in the house and accessories on the patio, with a tarp or masking tape.
    • Apply a primer with a brush, roller, or spray gun to all surfaces. Apply the stain with a brush or sponge.
    • Allow it to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Paint overhead items such as handrails, and railings with a paintbrush.
    • Apply the paint in the direction of the wood fibers.
    • Paint the decking and large areas with a roller in sections from 2ꞌ to 3ꞌ. Start at the point furthest from the exit.
    • Paint the edge joists and the stairs.
    • Let the paint penetrate cracks and bumps, avoiding excess. Saturate the ends of the boards.
    • Check the waiting and drying time before applying the second coat.

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