Interior Painting Tips – Choosing The Best Paint Colors For A Bedroom

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Interior Painting

Are you planning to do some interior painting in Amador County? One of the homeowners’ most significant decisions is choosing the right paint color for different rooms. Today, we want to offer a little help with choosing paint colors for your bedroom.

A bedroom is one of the house’s most personal and private areas. Because of that, designing it and decorating it appropriately is a must.

Besides paying attention to the various pieces of furniture like the bed and dressers, the most critical factor in a room is the color of the walls!

Even though you may not spend much time in your bedroom during the day, it is among the first rooms you see when you return to your house at the end of a long day.

The bedroom paint color selection is daunting, and considering several factors is a must before finalizing a color. Here is a list of tips for choosing a bedroom paint color.

1. Try Something different 

Most people choose shades of blue for the bedroom. Not surprisingly, blue evokes the calm colors of the sea and the summer air and exerts a soothing effect by nature; some studies have shown that muted shades of blue are considered the most conducive to sleep.

These hues are soothing and promote feelings of calm, which can help to prevent nightmares. But your bedroom doesn’t always have to be blue. The color possibilities are virtually limitless.

2. Warm colors

With warm hues, your bedroom will give you a pleasant and welcoming feel. For example, you can use soft reds for an accent wall and white on the other three walls.

To further accentuate the romantic atmosphere, add tactile materials and mood lighting. Cover the bed with soft, delicate fabrics: pure cotton sheets and lush blankets. Finish the decor with a beautiful scented candle and a vase of fresh flowers.

Such a warm and peaceful atmosphere will undoubtedly contribute to a peaceful sleep.

3. Natural Colors

Natural hues are an ideal backdrop for colorful furniture, canvases, and cushions because they will give the room an atmosphere of unity. They blend well with vibrant colors like lime green, raspberry, or blue.

Always ensure a good balance between hot and cold elements in the bedroom. If you have a wooden floor, which gives a feeling of warmth, you can get away with a more fantastic color like blue or green without affecting the balance.

It is recommended to have a tiled floor with slabs of cool shade and warmer shades on the walls. 

One more tip: The sheen you choose will affect the look of a room.

4. Balance The Space

Is your bedroom extra-large? Using dark paint colors tends to give a feeling of a smaller space. If you want a dark color but already have a small room, the best alternative is to choose an off-white shade as the primary color for three walls. And on the fourth wall, apply your darker accent color.

5. Neutrals

Neutrals are always a safe color choice for your walls and ceilings, especially in your bedroom.

Look for calming and relaxing colors; they don’t compete for attention with your other decor, and your mind can rest.

If you’re worried neutral colors might be boring, remember that you can spice up your room with various furniture pieces, linens, and wall art choices. 

Use neutrals as a safe background for whatever canvas you create.

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