Benefits of Resurfacing Your Cabinets in Amador County, California

Are kitchen cabinets in your home in Amador County, CA starting to look tired and dated? 

Wear and tear, as well as aging, can happen quite fast in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

More specifically, kitchen cabinets are constantly exposed to high moisture levels, smoke, grease and all manner of stains. 

If your kitchen cabinets in Amador County, California have lost their aesthetic appeal, you don’t have to through them away.

Refinishing them will restore their beauty and increase their durability. 

How Does Resurfacing Work?

During cabinet resurfacing, the structure of your cabinets remains intact, but the outer layer or the “skin” of your cabinets is removed and replaced, repainted, modified to be more appealing or well varnished.

Many people also replace door accessories, such as drawers, cabinet handles, and hinges.

To accomplish this task, you must be skillful and patient, with some experience in home improvement, along with the right tools. 

The process is not instantaneous and can take between 2 and 4 days.

However, note that not all the cabinets can be resurfaced; only cabinets that are in good physical condition can be successfully resurfaced.

The Benefits of Cabinet Resurfacing


The cost of installing new kitchen cabinets can be quite prohibitive to many homeowners. 

If you are eager for a change in your kitchen, resurfacing is a great way to achieve this while limiting expenses.

The cost of resurfacing will be approximately 50% cheaper than that required for the installation of new cabinets.

Besides, if your cabinets have a solid structure and you are satisfied with their design, then there is no point in investing in their replacement.

In reality, many homeowners are losing money tearing down intact cabinets to install new ones because they can no longer bear the sight of their exterior surface.

If you find yourself in this position, consider resurfacing rather than replacement.

This process is economical and will allow you to invest the money saved in other renovation projects around the house.

An Eco-Responsible Solution to Renew Your Kitchen Cabinets

Removing old cabinets from the walls and replacing them will create a lot of debris and waste, which will ultimately increase the amount of material sent to landfills across the state.

Also, many kitchen cabinets contain a material called ” formaldehyde ”, which is harmful to the environment.

To counter this accumulation of dangerous debris, consider the eco-responsible benefits of resurfacing. 

Resurfacing your cabinets will recycle these old materials and give them a second life.

It pays to be kind to the environment!

Finishing Options

Replacing your cabinets will give you a lot of choice in terms of materials, colors or finishes.

That being said, be aware that with the resurfacing process, there are also many options of veneers and colors, which will allow you to have access to almost as much variety.

For instance, if you like the look of real wood, lots of veneer options like maple, walnut, and birch are available.

Other than installing new veneers and repainting, you also have the option of installing new hardware.

You can install new handles, hinges, knobs or even glass doors so you can display your most beautiful cutlery and kitchen souvenir.

Need Help Resurfacing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

If you’re planning for a kitchen cabinet resurfacing project, we highly recommend that you hire a professional painting contractor.

In addition to providing high-quality and durable painting results, hiring professional painting contractors can help you sort out additional issues such as color, type of finish and sheen.

Get the conversation started and make sure your cabinet refinishing project is done right by calling Michael Hines Painting at 209-256-4587 for a FREE estimate.

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