Somerset House Pressure Washing

Somerset CA Pressure washing from Michael Hines Painting is the most economical way to quickly restore the curb appeal of your home or business. Has the exterior of your home ever been power washed? If not, you have probably started to notice an increase of grime, mildew, mold and other contaminants on the surface of your siding.

Eventually, the contamination will become embedded into your paint. And, if left unchecked it can quickly devalue your home, start to damage structural integrity, and destroy your curb appeal. But more importantly, it can have an effect on the well-being of your family and pets.

Thankfully, the Somerset pressure washers at Michael Hines Painting & Pressure Washing know how to identify and treat these problems on all varieties of siding including stucco, vinyl, aluminum, Hardie plank, cedar, logs and more. We can keep your house looking its absolute best while helping to head off expensive problems like siding repair or roof replacement.

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Residential House Washing in Somerset

If you are thinking “I want to hire a Somerset power washer to clean my home”, you don’t actually want to hire someone that is going to use pressure. As weird as that may sound, using pressure can quickly damage your siding, windows, window screens and other parts of your home, and it just doesn’t really get things clean.

Think about this for a minute- how clean does your car get when you blast it with the strongest setting on your hose? Or even with the pressure washing wand at the car wash? That power doesn’t get your car very clean at all.

Traditional power washing doesn’t really work any better on your home than it does on your car. Instead of using high pressure, our Somerset soft wash house cleaning system allows us to clean the exterior of your house just like a touchless car wash cleans your car!

The 10 Step System Our Somerset Pressure Washers Use

Our process for safe, low-pressure washing in Somerset entails an application of child and pet-friendly soaps and detergents that safely strip off years of unsightly build up.

1. We start by mixing up the soap.
2. We apply the soap to one side of your home at a time.
3. We hit your windows with some clean (non-soapy) water to cool them down.
4. We start applying the soap to the bottom of the siding and work our way up to the top of the wall.
5. Depending on the temperature and siding type we will soap 1 or 2 sides before rinsing.
6. After letting it dwell for around 5 minutes we rinse it off.
7. Check for areas that need a second application.
8. If an area needs more attention we apply another round of soap.
9. And hit it with our selective soft bristle scrub.
10. Then we give it a final rinse.

An awesome benefit of using this method for our Somerset power washing is that it uses less water than the outdated, pressure only method. This is extremely important when water restrictions, and prices, are constantly increasing. Don’t tolerate another day of living with a dirty house. The combination of our biodegradable detergents and clean rinse will gently wash away unsightly buildup and restore your home’s exterior to a like new appearance you can be proud of!

Cement Cleaning In Somerset

A challenge that almost every homeowner faces at some point is the concrete on their property. As hard as it is, it can soak things up like a sponge and things like tree sap, road salt, and tire grime. These can cause cracking, splitting and chipping to your concrete and cement surfaces.

Michael Hines Painting & Pressure Washing revives and renews filthy concrete!

All of the “hard” exterior surfaces on your home can’t typically be cleaned with a soft-wash alone, however, our technicians are trained to carefully use a high-pressure cleaning process to remove stubborn dirt from these surfaces and make your entire property shine with a fresh appearance. Some of the surfaces that we can thoroughly clean for you include:

• Brick Patio Washing in Somerset
• Concrete Patio Cleaning in Somerset
• Paver Cleaning and Sealing in Somerset
• Cleaning and Sealing A Flagstone Patio in Somerset
• Somerset Pool Deck Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning In Somerset

When we clean hard surfaces like a driveway the process we use is different than when we clean your house.

1. We mix up our soap and biodegradable degreaser (this helps with the contamination from tires).
2. We apply it to the driveway.
3. We edge along any landscaping, flower beds or curbs using the pressure washing wand.
4. We clean the larger, middle area, of the driveway using a surface cleaner.
The surface cleaner is used because it helps to control the pressure that is applied to the cement. It also eliminates the unsightly lines that you sometimes see when someone cleans with just the power washing gun.
5. We give the driveway a final rinse to remove and dirty water.
6. And when it’s appropriate our Somerset driveway cleaners will finish with a mild leave in cleaner that will leave the cement even brighter than just cleaning it!

Does your driveway have grease stains from a leaky car? If so, it will require a stronger mixture of degreaser, and might even require hot water to clean it all the way. Even though concrete and stone are hard materials, engine oil, transmission fluid and other products leaking out of your car can penetrate into them so it may not be possible to remove the stain completely.
Having your concrete professionally cleaned makes a huge difference! Let our Somerset power washers clean your driveway, sidewalk, patio, porch or pool deck so that they aren’t destroyed by dirt, grime, algae and mold.

Somerset Power Washing Add’s Value

Power washing and painting are 2 home improvement items that can be considered an investment. Why is that? If you are looking to sell your home, or just have it appraised for a refinance, these services will usually increase the value of your home by an amount greater than what you spend on it.
Exterior washing that is done by a professional extends the life of your property by removing all of the stuff that contributes to rot, decay and the premature failure of your paint job and siding. It can ward off costly repairs and add years of life to all of these surfaces.

Curb appeal is great, and a hazard free, clean, safe property is a key component in adding value to your community. It provides value to neighbors that want to live in a clean and attractive community, and it provides value to neighbors that want to sell their property.

Why Choose Michael Hines Painting For Your Somerset power washing?

At Michael Hines Painting, we believe in the value of lifetime relationships. We believe in taking the care and time to not only do the job well but expertly. That is why we will never sacrifice the quality of our work or provide you with poor service.

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Michael Hines Painting has the knowledge and training to identify the right process and products for your Somerset pressure washing project. We are eager to show you the quality, confidence and peace of mind our services will bring to your home. Please contact us using the form below or call us right now at 209.256.4587 to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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