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Sloughhouse roof cleaning from Michael Hines Painting is a safe and effective method for removing black streaks, green moss, and mildew from your roof. If you have started to notice some discoloration, then your roof has been infected by a type of algae that feeds on the limestone filler that is used in most roofing materials.

And, even if you think that you can live with the ugly black streaks, the algae will drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof. But don’t worry! Our roof cleaning processes will eliminate this unsightly growth by using an application of earth-friendly soaps and detergents that will safely wash away years of mold, mildew, and airborne stains.

In an ideal scenario, your roof would never wear out. It would never look old, run down or dirty. Unfortunately, your roof is exposed to elements that can quickly impact the condition and appearance of your home. Fortunately, our Sloughhouse roof cleaners can help you keep it looking its best.

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Why you need Sloughhouse Roof Cleaning.

Before deciding if roof cleaning is right for you there are a few things you should know.

No matter what climate your home is in, eventually your roof will get dirty. If your roof is discolored and it isn’t very old, then chances are it is algae. Thanks to the wind dust, pollen, smog and other contaminate settle’s on your roof on a daily basis. These allow algae, moss, mold and lichen spores cling to your roof. Once rainfall and winter dew are added to the equation they begin to grow into the unsightly patches you see, and can even spread to your fences, your decks, and your neighbor’s homes!

Certain regions are more susceptible to the growth, so it may come back. If this happens you will want to have Sloughhouse moss removal done on a regular basis.

In the northern hemisphere, the buildup tends to start on the north side of the roof and under the areas covered by overhanging branches and landscaping. Once the moss and mildew become visible they will absorb moisture from the rain and dew and slowly expand outward, taking over everything in their wake!

The Best Roof Cleaners In Sloughhouse Are Here To Help

Our soft wash roof cleaning – sometimes referred to as low-pressure roof cleaning – produces nearly instant results. Your roof’s appearance will change almost immediately after the first soap application, then on heavy growth, a second application ensures that it is 100% eradicated.

Since the mold and mildew are living organisms (it is more like a pest than anything else) that are feeding on your roof, and clinging to your shingles, it can take up to a few weeks after the application for the areas of large buildup to release their hold on the roof. But never, under any circumstances do we recommend high pressure for roof cleaning because it can cause damage to the shingles or tiles and rarely, if ever, kills the root structure which means the algae will return much sooner.

Our soap application contains special surfactants that help it cling to the roof, and penetrate deep into the growth. This enables it to clean your roof, kill the growth at its roots, and help inhibit future growth all without putting a pressure washer anywhere near your shingles or tiles.

We Stay Safe When Doing Moss Removal In Sloughhouse

As an added bonus of our process, since we rarely have to walk on the roof, and never have to use pressure, you can be certain that the roof cleaning will be completed safely, with zero damage to your roof. When it comes to roof cleaning in Sloughhouse there are 2 main reasons we think that the low-pressure method is the best method to eliminate moss and other contaminates on your roof.

1. It’s Safe For Your Home
When done properly, the softwash method is safe for your children, pets, and landscaping. It is also much safer for your roof to not have someone walking around on it. Having someone walking around on your roof, and dragging a hose around with them, increases the likelihood of damage. Roofing tiles can get broken from the weight, the hose can snag an asphalt shingle, or a host of other things can happen.

2. It’s safe for our team members.
Even though we carry full workers compensation insurance, and work in teams of 2 or more while cleaning roofs, we never want our employees to be in a position that puts them at risk of getting injured. Since we can clean most roofs from the edge of the roof line there is no risk of our team members falling off of your roof. Can you imagine how bad it would be if your roof was left half cleaned because someone had to be rushed to the hospital? (That’s just one of the reasons you should hire a professional to do your roof cleaning) For larger commercial projects we typically have to get on the roof in order to clean it properly, but we still take every precaution to make sure that our employees are completing the work in a manner that is safe and efficient.

Metal & Commercial Roof Cleaning In [city-name]

We also provide professional commercial roof cleaning services. Cleaning metal commercial roofs is a little bit different than cleaning the roof on a house. Metal roofs can withstand some pressure, but if too much is used then it can strip the paint coating off of the roof. If your metal roof is peeling, faded, or just outdated we can also paint it for you.

Metal roofing is the most common material for commercial buildings, and whether large or small we can clean it.

If your roof has become discolored from lichen and algae growth don’t make the costly mistake of thinking roof replacement is the only option to restore your home’s curb appeal. The roof cleaning professionals at Michael Hines Painting can restore your homes shingle or tile roof to like new condition for far less than the cost of a brand new roof!

We can provide roof cleaning in Sloughhouse for residential and commercial roofs including:

  • Asphalt Roof Shingles
  • Clay Roof Tiles
  • Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles
  • Corrugated Metal Roofing
  • Cedar Shake Roofing
  • And More…

Why Choose Michael Hines Painting To Be Your Roof Cleaner In Sloughhouse?

At Michael Hines Painting, we believe in the value of lifetime relationships. We believe in taking the care and time to not only do the job well, but expertly. That is why we will never sacrifice the quality of our work or provide you with poor service.

Still not sure? We suggest you listen to what some of our clients have to say about us Reviews, or to read a little bit more about what makes us passionate about protecting your home check out Our Story!

If you’re looking for a house painter or pressure washer that can expertly complete your home maintenance project, or there is anything we can do for you- Please just let us know.

Michael Hines Painting has the knowledge and training to identify the right product for your roof cleaning project in Sloughhouse.

We are eager to show you the quality, confidence and peace of mind our services will bring to your home.

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