Drytown Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning in northern california

Drytown solar panel cleaning from Michael Hines Painting is an important part of maintaining the efficiency of your solar panels. Though solar panels are incredibly easy to maintain, you do need to clean and inspect them every now and then. Dirt, bird droppings, and other residue can accumulate in your panels. This buildup can impact the performance of your solar panels. They can block the sunlight from reaching your panels, thus making them less efficient and effective. You can lose as much as 25% of energy because of dirty and grimy panels.

You can see if your solar panels are due for a cleaning just by looking at them. If you’re living in an area where it’s more humid, windy, and dusty, you’ll need to check on your panels more often. There are many solar panel cleaning methods you can use to keep your panels in tip-top shape and ensure their efficiency.

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Do I Need To Clean My Solar Panels In Drytown?

Hopefully, when you had your solar panels installed, you kept the manual somewhere in the house. This manual can have all the information you’ll need on how to clean your solar panels. You can check for specific recommendations, like how frequent the cleanings should be and the optimal time of the day to do them. You can also check for the things that you should not do, so you can avoid causing damage and lowering your panels’ rate of efficiency. Certain cleaners and chemicals might damage your panels, and there may be some delicate parts that you need to watch out for.

You can generally stick to the solar panel cleaning instructions in the manual. However, if you’ve lost the manual, you can call the manufacturer and ask for advice on how to clean your panels. Make sure to take note of all their instructions.

Safe Solar Panel Cleaners In Drytown

Most solar panel systems don’t need to be shut down before cleaning. But if they do need to be shut down, the manual or the manufacturer should be able to instruct you on how to properly shut your panels down. When you’ve done this, you can safely clean your panels. Also remember that you do not have to clean the wiring under the panels. Do not dismantle your panels for cleaning.

As much as possible, we try not to get on your roof and climb up to your panels. Instead, we prefer to clean your panels from the edge of a ladder. Our solar panel cleaners work in a 2 man team and use the following process:

1. We spray water on the panels to rinse off any surface dust.
2. We use a biodegradable degreaser to clean the solar panels.
3. Using a soft bristle brush we gently wipe down the surface of the panels.
4. Then we give it a clean water rinse.

Also, we try to schedule your solar panel cleaning on an overcast day. When that isn’t possible we schedule the work to be done in the morning hours. Direct sunlight can dry the water too quickly and leave smears and crusted dirt on your panels. When the temperatures are cooler, we have more than enough time to properly clean and rinse your panels.

We always avoid using abrasive materials and tools on the panels. Scratches on the panels leave shadows, which lowers the amount of sunlight that the panels can absorb and turn into energy. We do not use powders or harsh detergents either because those can leave streaks that can also affect the performance of your panels

Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Household brands like Sanyo, Sharp, and Mitsubishi manufacture solar panel cleaning robots. If your solar panels are difficult to reach, aren’t easily accessible, and long-handled squeegee mops won’t really do the trick, these robots can do the job for you. They often work like windshield wipers for cars, thoroughly wiping off debris with rubber blades and spouts that spray water. If you can mechanize your cleaning sessions, it can be safer and more manageable for you. But, it adds a big expense, and another component that is prone to breaking.

Nano-cleaning Solar Panel Products

If you live in an area where it rains frequently, nano-cleaning products can take solar panel cleaning off your list of things to do. These products can use the rain and make it clean your panels so you won’t have to. These are basically hydrophobic coating that goes on the surface of the panels. The coating formula produces an anti-static surface, which means that contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen and other bits of debris can blow right by without getting stuck in your panels. The surfaces of your panels are therefore easier to clean, and won’t need to be checked and inspected as regularly.

This product can also optimize your panels’ efficiency. Because of this coating and its ability to repel contaminants, there will be less buildup that blocks sunlight from being absorbed by your panels.

Hire Professional’s For Drytown Solar Panel Cleaning

If you aren’t equipped to clean your panels yourself and don’t want to incur the expense of cleaning robots or nano-cleaning products you can depend on our professional team for your Drytown solar panel cleaning. When you have your solar panel’s installed, ask how often they recommend having them cleaned and if they know a good cleaning service in the area. Remember that because solar panels are generally placed in risky areas, it’s extremely important to pick an insured solar panel cleaning service.

Professionals can clean solar panels more thoroughly, and they should also have the proper equipment to do so safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Michael Hines Painting To Be Your Solar Panel Cleaner In Drytown?

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