Calaveras County Graffiti Removal Services

Michael Hines Painting & Pressure Washing can help guide you through the best options for graffiti removal in Calaveras County. Our team of employees knows how to safely remove graffiti from a whole range of surfaces including:

• Brick Buildings
• Cement Walls
• Metal
• Wood
• Stucco
• And More

Let’s be honest- People are getting worse and worse as time goes by. Not you or I, obviously, but people, in general, have a lot less respect than they used to. Because graffiti has become almost commonplace, graffiti removal in Calaveras County has become a fact of life as well. Though sometimes it can be considered street art or a part of the urban art scene, in many instances, it can also be a nuisance and an eyesore. Most of the time it is just tagged, scrawled messages, or crude illustrations. Graffiti’s status as “art” is hotly contested, especially when it does nothing to beautify the space it is in. Because of this, most governments and councils have made it illegal.

Graffiti Removal California

When there is graffiti in a public space, it is up to the local government to clean the surfaces off. However, when private properties—for example, residences or business premises—have graffiti, the owner shoulders the task of graffiti removal. Graffiti can have a negative impact on neighborhoods, often giving them a bad reputation and driving real estate prices down. Though it is near-impossible to make graffiti go away for good, there are some steps you can take to make sure that graffiti does not last long on your property. Whatever surface the graffiti is painted on, Calaveras County graffiti removal can be quick, easy, and hassle-free. We would love to be your choice for graffiti removal in Calaveras County!

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Calaveras County Graffiti Removal On Stone Walls

If you have painted cement walls, removing the graffiti from eyesight can be simple. We can just paint over it and be on our way. That is, of course, if you don’t mind having a patch on your wall that has a markedly different color from the rest of your wall. If this is a problem, we can repaint the entire wall to make the color even. Remember, though, that if you have to continually paint over specific areas the paint will get heavier, and become a greater risk for chipping off of the wall.

If you have a bare brick wall and aren’t concerned with a little surface damage, you can choose to have us power-wash the graffiti off. Power-washing involves blasting water at over 3000 psi of pressure. The force of the water will flay the graffiti off after some time.

Glass Graffiti Cleaning In Calaveras County

Shop owners frequently have to contend with having their display windows spray painted. There are also times when graffiti is painted on the windshield or windows of a car. In these cases, Calaveras County spray paint removal may not be as cut and dry. The best, most effective, and more eco-friendly method to remove the paint from a glass surface is to take a sharp razor and carefully scrape off the paint bit by bit. This, of course, takes time and effort. However, it’s the first thing we try when the spray paint is on glass surfaces.

Calaveras County Graffiti Cleaners For Metal Surfaces

The graffiti might be right on the body of your car, or a metal surface on your property. Thankfully, our Calaveras County graffiti removers are trained to remove paint from all surfaces, including metal. If it is a surface that you aren’t too concerned about removing the finish from, you can try removing graffiti with paint thinner, lacquer thinner, or acetone before calling us.

Wood Siding Graffiti Removal In Calaveras County

Before taking any action against graffiti on a wooden surface we check what the wood is like first. If it is painted or sealed, sometimes our graffiti removers in Calaveras County can use hand applied chemicals to remove the damage. However, if the wood is weathered or unpainted, we won’t use this method, as doing so can make the wood absorb the paint deeper.

We will never use high pressure to try to remove graffiti from wood. The high pressure can push the paint deeper into the wood instead of removing it. And it can also severely damage the wood.

If chemical removal isn’t possible, we can typically sand the wood until the graffiti disappears. Of course, this can mean sanding over the entire surface to make it even.

When the tagged surface is already painted, the quickest option is usually just to repaint it.

Removing Graffiti From Plastic

Plastic surfaces are a little more delicate than other kinds of surfaces, so Calaveras County graffiti removal methods are somewhat limited. Great care is needed when removing graffiti from plastic surfaces. Strong chemicals can damage the surface and soften the plastic. In some cases, we can lightly scrub the graffiti off with fine bronze wool. However, scrubbing with bronze wool can only be done with certain sturdier plastics, as the wool can cause scratches or rough patches on the surface. As a last resort, we can just paint over the surface.

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