Picking Interior Paint Colors

El Dorado Hills Interior Painter Sheen Reflection From Project

One of the most frustrating parts about picking paint colors is trying to use a 2″x2″ (or smaller) paint chip to pick your colors from. They never match and you might be ready to boil over in anger. Trying to find the right color might have you shouting WHY CAN’T IT JUST LOOK LIKE THE […]

What are Your Accent Walls Saying about Your Design Choices?

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Though painting a room all one color is simple and elegant, accent walls can be a wonderful way to add personality and visual interest to your home. If you’re in the process of planning a home painting project, why not consider creating a really unique space through one of the many options for accent walls? […]

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Paint Sheen

what paint sheen should I use

When the topic of choosing paint comes up, most people think of color and not a whole lot else. In addition to finding the perfect color, though, you also need to choose a finish for your paint. The finish of paint will affect the way your room looks, and the overall feel of your home […]

Don’t Remodel, Refinish!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

The Least Expensive Remodeling Project is Refinishing! Homeowners often feel frustrated when they’d like to remodel their home, but they just can’t afford it right now. Today we’re going to discuss things you can do to your home to achieve a feeling of accomplishment toward remodeling without actually changing the structure of your home. We’re […]

Finding the Right Neutral Paint Color for Your Pallet

Interior Painting

Many expert interior decorators will recommend choosing neutral paint colors for common areas when remodeling a home or preparing it for sale. The definition of what constitutes a neutral, however, seems a bit less straightforward today than it was even just 10 years ago. The image of neutrality in color often makes homeowners cringe, but […]