The Amazing Way To Remove Splinters From Your Deck

Deck Staining

It’s mid-March and the weather is starting to warm up, at least on the days that it isn’t raining. It always amazes me that every year the first few 80 degree days seem so hot. I know that we have triple digit heat coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s the time of year when […]

Should I Clean My Walls Before Painting The Kitchen?

Amateur and novice painters often make the mistake of not properly cleaning or preparing interior surfaces before they begin the painting process. Unfortunately this mistake can cause big problems down the line. A few of the symptoms of improper cleaning or surface contamination are bubbling, chipping, or peeling paint. Today we want to talk about […]

Cabinet Refinishing isn’t Only for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

One of the most popular kitchen renovations doesn’t involve an entire remodel; it only involves the kitchen cabinets. Trendy cabinets go out of style and cabinets in general gather grime and begin to look worn over time. Sometimes the best thing you can do to revive the kitchen cabinets is to refinish them. Most can […]

Does A Paint Job Really Matter?

Cabinet Refinishing in Amador County

Here we are starting the last weekend of the month and I just found out that January is International Quality of Life Month. I can’t tell you when it started, but I love that someone recognized how important quality of life is and decided that it should be something that we focus on to start […]

6 Things You Won’t See On HGTV’s Interior Painting Special

DIY Interior Painting

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or at least that’s how the saying goes. If HGTV or the DIY channel existed back then I imagine that they could have turned the 7-12 years that it took to build the roman colosseum into a nice 13 episode season.   Can you imagine Bobius Josephus Vilachio (Bobius […]

Paint Your Privacy Fence

Fence Staining and Painting in Amador County

A privacy fence is a good method of separating your home and yard from the rest of the surrounding area. It is a way to make your home more private and suitable for children and pets to play outside without being in danger of the nearby street or strangers. Instead of having an old and […]

Think It’s Too Late To Hire An Exterior Painter This Year? Maybe This Will Change Your Mind!

Fall Leaves during exterior painting

Fall has officially started. That means there is only about 4 weeks left in the exterior painting season. Our phone is ringing off the hook from everyone that had the plans, and good intentions, to get their exterior painted this year but somehow had time slip away from them. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for you, […]

Common Mistakes People Make When Painting Their Home

As a homeowner, I understand the allure of being a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to tackling home improvement projects; even when you don’t know exactly how to do something. Painting seems like such a simple task, many people think that they can do it quickly and with no hassle. After all, what could be easier […]

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Paint Sheen

what paint sheen should I use

When the topic of choosing paint comes up, most people think of color and not a whole lot else. In addition to finding the perfect color, though, you also need to choose a finish for your paint. The finish of paint will affect the way your room looks, and the overall feel of your home […]

Avoid These Common Painting Mistakes

Interior Painting

Home improvement projects can be very stressful, and the last thing you want after you paint a room is to realize you’ve made a mistake in your choice of paint color. Call me at Michael Hines Painting at 209-256-4587 if you would like to discuss paint options or schedule a consultation in your home. Here […]